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The Universal Travel Rewards Platform


The Platform

A Loyalty Program Builder

Loyalty programs are rife with problems, suffering from low redemption rates, high transaction rates, and large illiquid liabilities. Voy’s universal system helps solve these issues.

We have designed a VOY currency that is easy and secure to accept as a form-of-payment, and yet Voy is also a platform where you can create your own loyalty program quickly and cost-effectively.

"Blockchain Will Transform Customer Loyalty Programs”
- Harvard Business Review

Why Voy?

The Future of Loyalty Rewards

Voy allows any premium travel business to create a loyalty program quickly and cost-effectively, no matter their size. It is a universal travel loyalty program built on the blockchain, which means that consumers data and travel identities are protected and only released with their consent.


Benefit from a larger partner ecosystem than any individual company could hope to build, while personalizing your rewards program to fit just right
Reduce customer acquisition costs by driving direct engagement and booking
Gather relevant travel information on your customers to personalize their travel experience
Increase customer engagement, particularly from the 80% of members with low utilization
Gain exposure and cross-marketing opportunities to other Voy customers


One Solution for Any
Travel Rewards Program

Create or enhance your own branded loyalty program with Voy's Program Builder, a quick and straightforward way for Travel Partners to set up their own program and configure the rules that govern how they wish to reward their customers with VOY.

Customize your loyalty rewards program for your members, track affiliate partnerships and seamlessly integrate with your business
Easy setup, tracking, and management of partner
transactions, member points, travel data and more
Built on trust, immediate payment, data management
and reporting all in one integrated system
Based on blockchain technology with robust security
features and immutability guarantees

How it works

Building Your Loyalty Program

Use a simple set of pull-down menus that allow any travel company to build a loyalty rewards program
Define a basic rule-set - for example a VIP customer booking a junior suite would receive 100 VOY for every night’s stay
Once this is set up then the Voy platform does all of the hard work - the new program rules govern the transfer of VOY from the Travel Partner to the Voyager’s wallet
As a Travel Partner you can create a branded page to show customers their activity and VOY balances, or instead simply use the Voyager portal that comes with the Voy platform

Getting Started

3 Ways to Partner with Voy



How your Customers use Voy

Over time the worldwide community of Voyagers will grow to hundreds of millions of affluent consumers who have a passion for travel.

Voyagers will be given a digital membership card to keep in their Apple or Android wallets. The card shows their VOY balance, member ID and can be used at point-of-sale with participating Travel Partners to pay for products and services with VOY currency.

Become a Partner

It’s easy to get going with Voy, our Partnerships Team
will be with you all the way.
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